ntrlstgrl (ntrlstgrl) wrote in lostdriveshaft,

2nd Episode Question

Did anyone else notice what Michael gives 2-year-old Walt when he says goodbye in the park? If it was what I think it was, then YET AGAIN those dratted bloody fabulous show creator/writer people are dropping hints about how EVERYONE in the cast matters and some of the things that are happening could have been related to the passengers' pasts.
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Yeppers, it was a stuffed........ POLAR BEAR!!!! Tee hee.
argh...nuts to foreshadowing...and pastshadowing...and to really dratted addictive TV shows...and to NOT getting to see this Wednesday's episode yet!!!!!
It was good. Not mind-bendingly good, but good nonetheless! I'm just wondering when we'll see the polar bear again (or if we will).
I did finally get to see this week's episode...watched it last night...thank goodness for VCRs...

Oh, you know they'll come up with the polar bear again...after making us wonder what's up with the other survivors and why they're down to (what, 8) a small group after there were 23...and where Desmond disappeared to...and where's the French chick...and whether Ana Lucia & Sawyer will hook up...

AAAAAAAAAAGH...as one of my coworkers said...more questions asked than answered...AGAIN!
I *really* don't want AL and Sawyer to hook up. I'm not sure why. It's cool to see a woman running the roost a bit, but it's weird to see all these men just following her. I know we'll see Des again, though I'd bet he'd end up being one of the "others" or something.