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LOST Roleplays!

I'm the moderator of a two brand new LOST roleplays on livejournal.

If you're interested, check out the group, rules, and character sheet, then please pm me, sirenprincess. Tell me which character you'd like to play in lostsotherworld.

The premise of this role play is that the flash-sideways world is a real world that the characters moved on to after their death in the main world. It is their second life, similar to reincarnation. All characters have woken-up and remembered their previous life, but now they need to live out their very real lives. Characters are likely to interact with one another given that they remember their friendships from the previous world. They went to the church, but only to have a reunion and see everyone again. Soulmate couples are considered canon and will not be broken up.

Most Needed Characters: Clementine Ford, Libby Smith, Jin-Soo Kwon, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Danielle Rousseau, Alex Rousseau, Desmund Hume, Penelope Milton, John Locke, Helen Norwood, Sayid Jarrah, Shannon Rutherford, Boone Carlyle, Rose Nadler, Bernard Nadler, Ana Lucia Cortez, Charlotte Lewis, Pierre Chang, and Ethan Goodspeed. ANY character from LOST can be played in this role play. If the character was shown in the flash-sideways, great, just remember that it's real. If not, adapt the character into a new life in Los Angeles, feel free to show some character growth, and send in an application.

This role play is going to explore what would have happened if some of our Losties had traveled back in time to DHARMA shortly before The Purge. It will be canon compliant through season 4, but will go AU from the episode "LaFleur" in season 5. In the show, the wheel was turned and the time jumps stopped, leaving our characters in 1974. In this AU version, the time jumps stopped leaving our characters in 1989. Characters from The Others, The DHARMA Initiative, and The Left Behinders are open for play. If someone is really interested in playing another character, we could change the composition of The Left Behinders and Oceanic Six. For example, someone wanted to play Hurley, so we changed the storyline to say that he jumped out of the helicopter after Sawyer and became a Left Behinder as well. Characters from the Oceanic Six (Jack, Kate, Sayid) could be added when they come back later along in the role play. If you have a character you're really dying to play, contact a mod and we'll try to figure out how to incorporate that character into the storyline. Also, since this is so close to The Purge, and the most logical thing would be to leave right away given that knowledge, we're going to say that Horace did not offer to send The Left Behinders home on the sub.

Most Needed Characters: Horace Goodspeed, Jin-Soo Kwon, Pierre Chang, Amy Goodspeed, Roger Linus, and Charles Widmore. We also really need characters, can be original, from the DHARMA initiative and the Others.
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