Laura (uscdreamr) wrote in lostdriveshaft,

That LOST special thing is on tonight. And really....any excuse for a good drinking game, right? *g*

This special is supposed to focus on Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Charlie, and Sayid, right? I'm a little miffed about this as the last thing I want to see is more Jack and Kate. I would much prefer that it focus on Sun and Hurley. Oh well. Such is life.

Anyway, to get over my irritation at the attack of annoying television characters, I'm made a mini-drinking game. It's not very good, but it'll do.

It's very simple.
Drink 1 every time a character you like is on screen.
Drink 3 every time a character you don't like is on screen.
Drink 2 every time you see Sawyer (just because...and yes that means 3 drinks if you like his character).
Drink 2 if Charlie sings or twitches from drug use (again, if you're a Charlie fan, you'll be drinking 3).
Drink 4 if they show Locke with Boone. grrrrr...

Ok that should do it. Any questions?
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